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About Astrakhan State Medical University

Astrakhan State Medical University is one of the renowned universities, when it comes to studying MBBS in Russia. The state medical university is situated in the Astrakhan, Russian Federation.Astrakhan State Medical University is a high on Demand University and is one of the oldest universities founded in the year 1981, when we talk of medical colleges in Russia. The university also proudly celebrated its 90 years, since it got founded in the year 2008. The major focus of Astrakhan State Universityis making sure that the specialists get the best of the training and the researchers are able to perform their best.Every necessary step is taken by the AstrakhanState Medical University to make sure that the best educational services can be exported from the countries and latest technologies can be incorporated from the industry.

Let us know the university more closely…

The university is a huge medical institution with 6 institutions, 40 research institutions, centres, and laboratories, 21 departments in total along with 82 chairs. The students here get training in close to hundred fortes. Along with all these, PhD courses are persuaded in the University for more than 57 Research Specialities. For these PhD courses, there are 11 thesis councils in the university and more than 16000 students from the world over avail the benefit of these excellent facilities. There are more than 500 international students, who enrol here every year, and the number rises to 600 when it is for the postgraduate students. Out of these post graduate students 23 students are from outside Russia and they are made comfortable along with the native students in the six hostels, which the university has. The university has ten buildings for imparting the right education to its students with 37 computer centres with internet access.

About Astrakhan: The city

The beautiful city of Astrakhanis situated on the river Volga and it covers the southern part of the map of Russia. The city is renowned for the sprawling fortress, which was constructed back in the year 1500s, and is known as Astrakhan Kremlin. This city has a population of close to 5.26 lakhs people.

There are many picturesque places to visit when you are in the city. While doing MBBS in Russia one can easily plan for the trips during the short vacations or even the weekends. The list here mentions some of these places to make the planning effortless for the visitors:

The city has five famous theatres, which are always ready to mesmerise you and these include;Music Theatre,Puppet Theatre,Youth Theatre,Drama Theatre,Opera and Ballet Theatre.

In case you are a true and passionate lover of architectural beauty, then the city has a whole bunch of places for you as well. These include:

  • Astrakhan Kremlin
  • Assumption Church & the belfry at Prechistensky Gates
  • Trinity Church located inside the Astrakhan Kremlin
  • Prince Vladimir the Apostle Church
  • Catholic Church of St.Virgin Assumption (built in the year 1778)
  • The building of the former Azov-Don bank, and many more.

Why should I choose Astrakhan State Medical University?

Well, the answer to this question can be summed up best here:

  • Low cost medical studies
  • High quality education
  • Supportive environment for studies
  • Systematic education system in Russia and the list goes on…


Established In 1918 | MCI Approved | 6 Years English Medium | Suitable Climate for Indians

Authorised Admission Department For MBBS : +91-96 0604 6955

  Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6 Grand Total
Tuition Fees $4500 $3500 $3500 $3500 $3500 $3500 $22,000
Hostel Fees $1100 $1100 $1100 $1100 $1100 $1100 $6,600
Insurance $160 $160 $160 $160 $160 $160 $960
Totel Fees $5760 $4760 $4760 $4760 $4760 $4760 $29,560
Total Fees INR Rs.4,03,200 Rs.3,33,200 Rs.3,33,200 Rs.3,33,200 Rs.3,33,200 Rs.3,33,200 Rs.20,69,200

Total Fee for 6 Year MBBS =$ 29,560 (Rs.20.69 Lacs)

Above Fees is in USD,1 USD =70.0 Indian Rupee as on 05-03-2019, Conversion rate might change.
Conversion rate will be applicable at the time of payment.

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