According to the latest ruling of Supreme Court all the Minority medical colleges

According to the latest ruling on NEET, Supreme Court has clearly stated that there would be no exception to the law which states uniform entrance exams for all graduate and post graduate medical courses.

On Wednesday, SC ordered that The National Eligibility Entrance Test, or NEET, which is the single entrance exam for all medical colleges, will apply to minority institutions providing medical courses and there would be no exception to the law.

The rights accessible under Article 30 (of the Constitution which ties down the privilege of strict and etymological minorities to run instructive establishments) are not abused by arrangements cut out in Section 10D of the MCI Act (Medical Council of India Act) and the Dentists Act and Regulations confined by MCI/DCI," the three-judge seat comprising justices Arun Mishra, Vineet Saran and MR Shah.

NEET was first introduced in 2013 as a solitary selection test to clinical and dental schools. However, this test was rejected by the Supreme Court within a couple of months. A five-judge seat of the Supreme Court revisited this decision and reestablished it in 2016.

Over 15.9 lakh students have enrolled during the current year's NEET test to pursue Medical Couse the nation over.

Christian Medical College, Vellore, which used to hold its own entrance exam, had challenged the NEET course for confirmations, contending that it abused the organization's minority rights cherished under Article 30.

The institution had demanded that its determination procedure was intended to choose candidates who would serve in the nation's rural areas, not simply urban communities. Therefore they provide vigorously subsidized medical course to its candidates.

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