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As per the information provided by the Indian counselate in Russia , more than 9000 Indian students are studying in Russia.
From more than last 40 years students are going for studies to Russia.

MBBS in Russia 2019

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Know Russia more closely with us

While you are still planning to choose MBBS in Russia, study and other related aspects need to be researched upon by you. Knowing about the country and its culture, which is new to you, is extremely important. There are certain things, which might be new to you, certain others might be known to you as well, however a prior knowledge about all such things is advisable.

Russia and its climate

MBBS in Russia 2019 might be a turning point in your in life, nonetheless something which is daily going to affect you while you are in that country is for sure the climate and the weather of the country. The climatic conditions of Russia are more or lessinfluenced by the continental climate. The summers are generally hot and dry here on the contrary winters witness low temperature; as low as minus thirty degrees. Apart from this, owing to the vast size of this beautiful piece of land, there are temperature variations throughout the nation. So when you are taking MBBS Admission in Russia, make sure you research about the climate of that particular location.

Some points to be noted about Russia and facts related to the country.

Well, these general points will surely make your living easier in the new country while you pursue MBBS in Russiastudy.

  1. The medical colleges in Russia , are recognized by the renowned organizations such as WHO and MCI .
  2. There are varying MBBS courses, which you need to pursue in Russia, and they might last for a duration of two to six years.
  3. Ruble is the currency, which is used in Russia, so when you studyMBBS in Russia, do not forget to acquaint yourself with the same.
  4. While in Russia, you can use any of these languages: Russian, English, French, German, Polish, Hungarian etc.

While you study MBBS in Russia 2019, you can explore the country, which is rich in diversity of flora and fauna and have some of the mixed forests in a major portion of the country. You can visit amazing places in Russia, which in turn acts as a stress buster for you and helps you study better by enhancing your concentration. Apart from this, the people in Russia are humble and helpful by nature. When you wish to have an effortless experience while studying MBBS in Russia , you can simply choose one of the renowned colleges from the list of the top colleges and continue with your studies.

We have listed some of the renowned universities, which you can opt for when you want to study MBBS in Russia 2019:

  1. Kazan State Medical University
  2. I.M. SechenovFirst Moscow State Medical University
  3. TverState Medical University
  4. Orenburg State Medical University
  5. Perm State Medical University
  6. Mari State University
  7. Kursk State Medical University
  8. Northern State Medical University

And many more Know more about MBBS Admission in Russia…

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