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Admissions Abroad - our experience since 1989 of education system abroad in various countries created our mission. Education guidance to students for their rich and blooming career abroad or after returning from their universities back to their native countries. Doctors , engineers , administrators, executives , teachers, managers, chefs , pilots ,media specialists etc etc so many career opportunities which a student can choose but doesn’t have the right guidance.

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News and Updates

Bills to benefit medical students cleared

A new bill is passed which is going to consolidate the entrance exams for post-graduates and screening for the students who study MBBS in abroad. NEXT i.e. National Exit Test; will be conducted across the nation and this is going to cover admission even for the colleges like AIIMS as well as JIPMER; which earlier used to have separate entrance exams for them.

 13 Jul 2019

National Medical commission Bill and its details

There is soon going to be one medical entrance for the post-graduate students as well as the students who come to practice medicine in India post their studies abroad. The test will be referred to as NEXT i.e. National Exit Test. Along with that, NEXT and NEET will be covering admissions to all the medical colleges across the nation, be it AIIMS or JIPMER. Well, that is good news for medicos!

 08 Jul 2019

Some bills on the way medicos!

Now students when complete their studies aboard and come back to practice medicine in India, they will have to appear and qualify NEXT i.e. National Exit Test. This is a great step towards streamlining the medical education inside such a huge country. This would also lead to the replacement of the current medical commission with National Medical Commission making the whole process convenient for the students.

 01 Jul 2019

NEET not required for 2018 passed students as per circular issued by the MCI

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an entrance exam for students who wish to study graduate and post graduate medical courses. The same test is applicable for students who wish to study MBBS in Russia or any other university in abroad.

 19 Apr 2019

Some pros and cons of studying MBBS in Russia

When it comes to studying MBBS in abroad a huge chunks of people in India choose Russia as their preferred location. This place comes with several added benefits for those who choose to enroll themselves in the revered medical colleges of this place. Nonetheless, it is equally important for the students and their guardians to know about of the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia .

 12 Dec 2018

Top university level medical entrances exams to help you study MBBS in 2019

NEET entrance exam is one of the most sought after medical entrance exam in India, which students have to clear in order to get admission in the revered medical colleges in India. However, apart from National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) there are some autonomous bodies or universities, which conduct their own entrance exams to enroll students into MBBS program.

 11 Oct 2018

NEET to be conducted twice a year

NEET to be conducted twice a year and soon to be shifted on online mode from pen paper mode of examination.

 01 Aug 2018


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We provide all our students with the necessary information regarding the University and the ins and outs about Russia.


We help in procuring the admission letter issued by the University.


The Invitation letter required by a prospective student issued from the Ministry of External Affairs is provided through us.


Ensuring that the Required Visa is issued by the Russian Embassy for students to enter Russia.


We assist the students to procure the required eligibility certificate from MCI.


We help in arranging the Air Tickets which is paid by the students.


We arrange for a meeting with current medical students of the University as and when you land in Russia.


We also help you with the Immigration process and the registration.


We plan well in advance about your accommodation in the University Hostel.

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