Astrakhan State Medical University congratulated the Graduate students of the faculty vocational.

Graduation of the Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education (medical College) On

June 25, the graduation of students of the Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education (medical college) took place.

The vice-rector for Educational Work E. A. Popov opened the solemn meeting of the Academic Council of the Astrakhan State Medical University.He congratulated the graduates, their parents and teachers on this significant day, wished the former students success, self-realization, so that all the skills acquired over the years of study would be useful to them in life. Evgeny Antonovich noted that such specialties as orthopedic dentistry, nursing, pharmacy are relevant and in demand all over the world.


Wearing white coats, the graduates solemnly, freely and honestly pronounced an oath in which they promised to fulfill their duty, no matter what.

L. A. Nevalennaya, Dean of the Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education, Associate Professor, PhD, congratulated the graduates and handed them diplomas in the specialties “Orthopedic Dentistry“,” Nursing“,”Pharmacy".


The graduates were also congratulated on the holiday by K. A. Sarkisov, head of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, Ph. D., and the head of the Department for ensuring the educational process, Professor S. A. Zurnajan.

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