Authorities of Derzhavin State University still familiarize international students with Russia

One of the major tasks for any international student is to get acquainted with the country they have chosen for their further studies. In order to help all the international students who have reached Russia for their studies, the specialists of TSU help in acquainting the international students with Russia. Adaptation of students coming to Russia from different countries relies on acquaintance with the culture of the country of residence and its history.

As part of the acquaintance procedure, the International students were made to visit a traveling exhibition named "Climbing to Victory. Reading the Diaries of Vyacheslav Grozdov. 1941-1945". The event was organized by the Regional Museum of Local Lore and created by the grant of the President of the Russian Federation provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.The historical project supported rare recordings of eyewitnesses of the events of the Great Patriotic War, took the guests on a journey through epistolary genre. These records helped the visitors understand the memory of how Tambov lived in the "forties of the fatal years”.

On the premise of TSU Museum and Exhibition  international students participated in a Master class on creating letters-triangles. The master class helped thesestudents to understand the difficulties Russian soldier went through when they had to send the message from the front. In addition, international students wrote letters to the future asking that there should not be any war.

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