JEE Main 2021 exam date, syllabus to mode, critically important points that students must not miss at all - check now

JEE Main 2021 exam: The exam season is drawing near. Or is it? Uncertainty has been ruling the world of educational institutions and students were suffering because they had absolutely no idea what is going to happen.

However, things have changed now and many clarifications have been issued that will help students to focus on their studies in a more dedicated manner rather than wondering when, and if, their exams will be held and how they will be held. Here we list all the critically important points regarding JEE Main 2021  exam including date, syllabus and mode of conduct of the examination. Competitive exams like JEE and NEET were postponed twice this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The difficulty being faced by authorities is that so much time has been lost due to educational institutions being shut. However, since the Covid-19 vaccine is still not available, there is no sure-fire way of protecting students from this virus. Till safety of students can be guaranteed, things will remain uncertain.


Does this mean exams will not be held? Quite to the contrary, exams will be held. It is also clear that time is of essence if students are not to lose an academic year, but much more will be required before a final announcement about JEE Main 2021 exam is made. Below we list all the vital information that students should know to keep updated about their JEE Main 2021 exam:

1. Will Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)-Main be held four times from next year? Government is still examining suggestions about it that it has received. In fact, holding the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)-Main 2021 four times in a year will be examined positively. The dates could be beginning in the end of February, thereafter in March, April and May, 2021. On each occasion, JEE Main 2021 exam will last for three to four days. Reports indicate that this has already been approved and just the final official announcement is left.
2. Why is this being considered? To ensure that the candidates do not miss out on opportunities due to clash of examinations or the COVID-19 situation.
3. Will JEE Main 2021 syllabus be reduced? Any suggestion about reduction in syllabus for engineering entrance exam JEE-Main or medical entrance exam NEET has been rejected.
4. A proposal is being examined in which students will be given choice to answer 75 questions (25 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) out of 90 questions (30 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics).
5. Regarding NEET (UG) 2021 dates, it has been revealed that the schedule is being finalized and will be 'declared in near future'.
6. Regarding NEET (UG) 2021 syllabus it has been revealed that it will remain the same as the previous year.
7. Regarding NEET (UG) 2021 mode of conduct of examination, online and offline, there is no clarity yet. It has been revealed that the health ministry and NMC are being consulted.
However, as far as CBSE board examinations are concerned, then the decision has already been taken that the exams will be held in the written mode only as was being done earlier. No change is under consideration at all.

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