Russian scientists have found a way to quickly heal wounds

First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov presented a remedy that accelerates the healing of skin lesions. Scientists propose to use photodynamic therapy using photoditazine in combination with pluronic F127 and chitosan, RIA Novosti reports . This combination made it possible to reduce the concentration of bacteria in the wound by more than 30 times. And the granulation tissue became 6 times thicker in comparison with the control group, in which wounds were treated with chlorhexidine.

According to experts, the delivery of the photosensitizer to the wound was carried out as part of a polymer complex. This complex simultaneously destroyed bacteria and created an environment conducive to healing. Anatoly Shekhter, Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Morphology of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenova, believes that such compositions can be applied to a tissue base and make a dressing for photodynamic therapy, which should be carried out as first aid for wounds and burns.

Photodynamic therapy involves treating a range of diseases, including infections and cancer, using light-sensitive substances and wavelengths of light. These substances are absorbed by bacteria or cancer cells. Then they are irradiated with light with a wavelength corresponding to or close to the absorption maximum of the dye. This launches a whole cascade of destructive processes.