Meeting of the Rector with Students & Post graduates of Saratov State Medical University on 9th June

On June 9, Rector AndreyEremin and the university administration met with residents of the 1st and 2nd year of study. The meeting was attended by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Irina Bugaeva, Vice-Rector for Research Alexander Fedonnikov, Vice-Rector for Economics and Finance Natalia Uryvaeva, Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic Work AndreyNasonov, Chief Accountant Tatyana Alimova.

One of the main topics of the meeting was the issues of employment of graduates after completing their residency, in particular, in clinics and departments of Saratov State Medical University. Rector AndreyEremin stressed that residents are the personnel reserve of the medical university. Saratov State Medical University is interested in competent, professional specialists, so the university acts as a customer of targeted training in residency in a number of areas of training.


Residents told that many of them are already employed in the medical organizations of Saratov and are engaged in medical work, 30 residents after graduation plan to find a job in the clinics of the medical university, which was approved by the rector.


At the meeting, the results of the work of residents in the "red zone"were summed up. The Rector expressed gratitude to all those who provide effective assistance to the practical health system of the region during the pandemic, and noted that the residents of the Saratov State Medical University receive a large number of letters of thanks from the heads of medical institutions of the city.


The meeting with the rector and the university administration gave the residents the opportunity to get answers to their questions about salaries, scholarships, internships in foreign universities, mentoring programs, opportunities for admission to graduate school, etc.


At the end of the event, AndreyEremin noted that meetings with various categories of students of the university will be held regularly. Such communication provides an opportunity to establish feedback between students and the university administration. "Students, residents, and postgraduates are full-fledged partners of the university administration in solving issues of organizing its activities. It is very important that our students actively participate in the life of Saratov State Medical University,“ the rector stressed.