NEET 2020: Chances to increase intake in Super Specialty

NEET 2020: Chances to increase intake in Super Speciality

There is good news for students appearing for NEET 2020. They will be provided with more options for admissions in colleges. Prior NEET Super speciality gave only two options to the students whereas MD,MS,DM and MCA super specialty colleges give 11 to 13 options to students.

According to Professor Vinay Krishna who is cardiologist at an institute of UP, if more options are provided then all the seats of Super Speciality will be filled. When previously candidates used to fill only 2 options, they were not given chance to join any other branch except those two. The Secretary General Mr Wats started that question papers will also be changes according to the new policy. It is being tried to have a single question paper with questions from all specialities. It was also stated that any change will be implemented from year 2021 and candidates will be given one year time.

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