Russian Scientist to Develop Virtual Patients to help Students Study Medicine

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta , the new system is designed to change the face of domestic medicine. Not only doctors, but mathematicians, programmers and technologists will be involved in its creation.

Rector of Sechenov Medical University Pavel Glybochko commented: “A unique Center for Biodesign and Personalized Healthcare will appear on the basis of Sechenov University by 2025. This will be a global project for digitalizing healthcare, within which we plan to create a technological platform for big data analysis to create digital twins of diseases.

In other words, using virtual patients with the help of computer modeling, doctors will be able to study diseases, predict their course, and also select the most effective and individual therapy. For this, a special program will create a simulation of the process of interaction between the body and the therapeutic agent.

Of course, this is an ambitious task, but it is very important for practical healthcare. The implementation of the project will bring Russian medicine to a qualitatively new level, which will lead to a decrease in mortality from socially significant diseases, and will increase the quality and life expectancy of people. "