Russian engineers have created a convenient search engine for cancer

Samara University named after S. p. Korolev and Samara state medical University, RIA Novosti reports, presented a method for the fastest and most accurate diagnosis of cancer. It is based on Raman spectroscopy of blood. It allows you to study the component composition of blood in real time, using optical technologies. By analyzing the process of light energy exchange with the molecules of the analyzed substance, you can determine the specific type of molecules and their concentration in the blood. It is based on this information that the diagnosis is made.


 Associate Professor of the Department of laser and biotechnical systems of Samara University Ivan Bratchenko Comments : "Light can interact with biological molecules-the building blocks of our body. If you know exactly how this interaction occurs, you can track how the body's composition changes and whether any pathologies develop from a single drop of blood. Moreover, such an analysis can be carried out in a matter of minutes. Today, scientists all over the world are fighting for higher accuracy and versatility of the proposed diagnostic methods. The proposed method, although inferior in accuracy to the approaches implemented with the help of laboratory installations, can be implemented on portable equipment."


By using a portable system, the cost of analysis is significantly reduced. Bratchenko assures that the Russian technology is suitable for mass screening. "With the help of a liquid biopsy, you can quickly identify people who are just beginning to develop pathology, and send them to the appropriate specialist. You can also monitor the condition of patients who are already undergoing treatment. If there is an improvement or deterioration in the condition, then a liquid biopsy will definitely show this when examining the blood composition, " the expert says.