Russian Medical University Scientists to develop another vaccine against COVID-19

The Crimean Federal University named after Vernadsky (KFU), RIA Novosti reports, is creating a new vaccine against coronavirus infection. Vladimir Oberemok, head of the laboratory of cell technologies and DNA drugs, virologist, associate Professor of the Department of biochemistry of KFU, comments: "the Specialists Relied on their experience not only in Virology, but also in genetics. Our original vaccine consists of a single oligonucleotide (a thiophosphate fragment of DNA) in the form of a lasso, which immediately carries the activator of innate immunity in the form of CpG Islands and an antigen, where a small fragment of the SARS-CoV-2 genome will be "sewn" so that the body identifies it and develops specific antibodies. One of the advantages of the drug is that it can be taken intranasally, that is, simply inhaled, and no injections are needed."

To date, two vaccines against COVID-19 have already been registered in Russia - Sputnik V of the Gamalei research center and Epivaccorona by the Novosibirsk Vector center. It is also known that work is underway on a live vaccine at the Chumakov center for research and development of immunobiological drugs of the Russian Academy of Sciences.