Russian scientists have figured out how to make elevators safer from Viruses

As reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta , the Research Institute of Disinfection of Rospotrebnadzor has successfully tested an elevator model with an automatic disinfection system. The authorship of the development belongs to one Moscow plant.

The disinfection system is based on single LED UV emitters. They are equally effective against viruses and bacteria, acting at the level of RNA destruction. UV radiation has long been used to disinfect air and surfaces. However, it is necessary that people are not in the room at the time of disinfection. Otherwise, eye burns may occur.

The new elevator model, the developers promise, is safe for people. The disinfector is synchronized with other automatic lift systems, including presence sensors. That is, the emitter is activated only when there is no one in the cabin. And when the doors are opened, the system turns itself off. There is a screen in the cockpit, which shows the parameters of the system performance. In an hour, it kills up to 98% of pathogens.