SC New Directives for admission in MBBS for meritorious candidates

SC New Directives for admission in MBBS for meritorious candidates Supreme Court has taken out a new directive for meritorious students who have been denied MBBS admissions and have lost one full academic year for no fault of his/her.According to ..Read More

GO STUDIES ABROAD authorized universities office

There are a number of platforms, which are coming up these days and offer options to help you get admission in the MBBS colleges abroad. Nonetheless, there are many platforms, which can hardly be trusted and people have credibility issues with them. ..Read More

Get MBBS admission in Russia without NEET

NEET is a qualifying test to get enroll for the MBBS. It stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) that is an entrance exam for students who wish to study graduate and post graduate medical courses.   To get MBBS admission i ..Read More

Get admission in the international medical college and become a doctor

NEET no more required!!! If you wish to become a doctor and have not scored well in NEET, then do not lose hope. According to MCI, now you can get admission in the medical colleges of Russia. Non-qualified but appeared students for NEET can become ..Read More

About some of the top universities in Russia for MBBS

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A checklist for those who are moving to study MBBS in Russia

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Top reasons why people choose Russia as their preferred place to study MBBS in russia 2019

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Some pros and cons of studying MBBS in Russia

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Top university level medical entrances exams to help you study MBBS in 2019

NEET entrance exam is one of the most sought after medical entrance exam in India, which students have to clear in order to get admission in the revered medical colleges in India. However, apart from the National Eligibility cum    Entrance ..Read More

Top ten Russia Medical College to choose from

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