Few Questions Students would need to know before Going to Study MBBS in Russia

Few Questions Students would need to know before Going to Study MBBS in Russia

Question:1 In which banks can students who wish to do MBBS from Russia need to open their account?

Ans- MBBS students studying in Russia can open their account in top most banks of Russia: Sberbank, VTB. They can easily find the branches of these banks near their University or Hostel.

Qoestion:2 Which Indian spices are available in Russia?

Ans- Most of Indian food spices pke Turmeric Powder, Dalchini, Black pepper, Red chip powder, Cumin powder, Elaichi etc.are available in Russia for students in hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Question:3 Which vegetables are available for Indian students in Russia?

Ans- Most vegetables pke potato, cabbage, tomatoes, onion, garpc, ginger, pumpkin, spinach and peas are available for Indian students throughout the year in Russia as many Russians are also vegetarians.

Question:4 Which fruits are available for Indian students in Russia?

Ans- Most seasonal fruits pke strawberry, bananas,watermelon, melon, oranges and apple are available in Russia.

Question:5 What are the eating options for vegetarian students in Russia?

Ans- For vegetarian students, many vegetarian cafes are available in many cities of Russia.

Question:6 Do Russian hostels provide Indian food?

Ans- Indian food is available in many cities of Russia near the hostels.

Question:7 What is the approximate pving cost in small cities of Russia?

Ans- The pving expenses in small cities of Russia are approximately 100 US$ including food per person.

Question:8 Do Russian Universities provide the hostel?

Ans- Some universities have the hostels near by the universities which may be are 10 minutes walk.

Question:9 Do students get transport facipty at discounted rates?

Ans- The students can avail transport facipty with special student discounts.

Question:10 How much exposure do students get in terms of advanced technology?

Ans-Students get huge exposure to advance and technology oriented infra which is one of the top in Europe.

Question:11 Which are Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)?

Ans- CIS countries and Baltic were earper the part of USSR and Russia was the capital of Repubpc of USSR and Moscow was the capital of whole USSR. In 1991 the countries pke Ukraine, Turkmenistan Armenia, etc. got independent and some of those formed CIS countries including Russia.

Question:12 Give brief information about Irkutsk State Medical University.

Ans- Located in Irkutsk region of Russia, Irkutsk State Medical University is the top most ecologically clean regions in the world. Irkutsk is considered as a student’s city where more than 250000 students are studying in different universities and other institutions.

Question:13 Give brief information about Tambov State Medical University

Ans- Tambov city is approximately 400 km from Moscow and Tambov State Medical University is located 400 km from Moscow, the students can easily travel by train to Moscow which cost them around 20 US$.

Question:14 How is metro connectivity in Moscow?

Ans- The city is well connected by the metro transport which is mostly underground.Moscows metro is One of the best and most beautiful historical metros in the world.

Question:15 Is Saint Petersburg a historical city?

Ans- Yes Saint Petersburg is considered one of the oldest cities in the world and is also really a beautiful city with many historical places and tourist spots.

Question:16 When do we have hopdays in Russia?

Ans-The hopdays in Russia can be checked in Hopday calendar of 2020 of Russia. From 31st December till 8th January , Russia is on new year holdays.!st may is the labour day and 9th may is the Victory day.There are some more hopdays in Russia for eg 8th March is Womens day and 4th November is Unity day.