Information about the upcoming accreditation for residents of the 2nd year of study, students of the 6th year of medical, 6th year of pediatric, 6th year of medical and preventive faculties, 5th year of dental and 5th year of pharmaceutical faculties of Irkutsk State Medical University.

Dear graduates of the residency, the 6th year of medical, the 6th year of pediatric, the 6th year of medical and preventive faculties, the 5th year of dental and the 5th year of pharmaceutical faculties!

In the next month, you will have to pass the procedure of primary professional and primary specialized accreditation, for further admission to the residency or employment in medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

The authority to form accreditation commissions and conduct accreditation at the level of the Russian Federation has been transferred to the Union of Medical Workers of the Russian Federation "National Medical Chamber" (President, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor L. M. Roshal). And in the Irkutsk region, these powers were transferred to its regional representative office - the Association of Medical and Pharmaceutical Workers of the Irkutsk Region (Chairman, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor G. M. Gaidarov).

Currently, at the level of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, new accreditation commissions are being approved for all regions, including the Irkutsk region, since the existing commissions will lose their powers on June 23, 2021. After the new composition of the commission is approved, the chairman and the secretary will have access to work in the system of accreditation of specialists and will be able to start the registration procedure in the system of accredited specialists. Thus, we are ready to conduct primary professional and primary specialized accreditation for you as soon as possible, after receiving the necessary data from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (July-August 2021).

Our association works in close cooperation with the Rector's Office (MD, Prof. Malov I. V.) and the deans of IGMU (Ph. D., Associate Professor Dulsky V. A., Ph. D., Associate Professor Tolkachev K. S., Ph. D., Associate Professor Belykh A. I., Ph. D. Byvaltseva S. Yu., Ph. D., Associate Professor Privalova E. G., Ph. D. Stupin D. A.). On the basis of joint interaction, we ask you to join our association. First of all, this is necessary for the legitimate conduct of primary professional and specialized accreditation and for providing you with practical assistance in July – August in preparation for accreditation.Irkutsk State Medical University is one of the oldest and Largest universities in Irkutsk.



In addition to accreditation, our association will deal with:

- practical training when you pass periodic accreditation (1 time in 5 years);

- representation of the interests of medical workers of persons belonging to the association before state and municipal authorities;

- insurance of professional liability of medical and pharmaceutical workers;


- creating a system of legal and legal protection of medical and pharmaceutical workers, including conducting an independent medical examination in order to protect your interests in court proceedings;

- creating conditions for continuous medical education of doctors and pharmacists;

- regulation and protection of the ethical aspects of the activities of medical professionals in the treatment of patients, legal entities and other subjects of professional relations;

- improving the procedures for providing medical care and standards of medical care;

- development of clinical recommendations, temporary guidelines on the provision of medical care;

- improving the legal literacy of medical professionals.