Tambov State Medical University in Russia

Tambov State Medical University

History of the Institute

The medical Institute is located on Sovetskaya street, No. 93 in the educational building No. 1 of the Tambov state University named after G. R. Derzhavin. The two-story building facing the main street of the city was built by the famous architect A. p. Bryullov and is a monument of architecture of the XIX century. The chronicle of historical events concerning this corner of the city has preserved information that in the territory where the Institute is located and further to the river, in the second half of the XVIII century there was a house of Tambov governors. In 1786 to 1788, the Governor G. R. Derzhavin lived there. After visiting the city of Tambov by Emperor Nicholas I, the estate was given over to the construction of the Institute building for the education and upbringing of the daughters of impoverished nobles. In 1843, the construction of the main two-story building was completed, and the house Church of the great Martyr Alexandra was lit in its Northern wing, which is still functioning. The patroness of the Institute was considered to be the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. After the revolution, the Institute of noble maidens was closed, and its premises were used to house various organizations: an orphanage, a hospital, a social welfare home for orphans, the military Department, and school No. 51. Since 1944, the pedagogical Institute was located here, which in 1994 was reorganized into the Tambov State University named after G. R. Derzhavin.

Salient Features of the Institute

Medical Institute of Tambov state University named after G. R. Derzhavin existed since 2007 in 2016 the Institute was headed by MD, Professor Voronin I. M. 2018-present Director is M. D., Professor Osmanov E. M.


Training of future doctors at the University is carried out by 17 departments headed by professors, doctors and candidates of medical Sciences. Students are trained by the best practitioners of 18 medical institutions in Tambov and neighboring regions, who have repeatedly improved their skills in Russian and foreign medical centers.

Programs and Courses

Currently, the Medical Institute implements programs in the specialties of higher education "Medicine", "Dentistry", "Pediatrics" and secondary medical professional education "Nursing". Training is practice-oriented. For this purpose, TSU Medical Institute has a modern educational and laboratory base: specialized laboratories and classrooms, Anatomical Museum, Medical Kunstkamera of the educational Museum. An integral part of continuing medical education and practice-oriented training of students is a Simulation and accreditation center that meets the most modern requirements. The Institute's clinical bases are the best medical institutions in Tambov.

Departments under Medical Institute

Students of the Medical Institute have wide opportunities to engage in scientific work within the framework of 13 scientific circles: histology, Cytology, embryology; operative surgery and topographic anatomy; pathological physiology; pharmacology; psychiatry and narcology; obstetrics and gynecology; experimental biochemistry and immunology; hospital therapy; traumatology and orthopedics; public health and public health; history of medicine; propaedeutics of internal diseases; faculty surgery.

Overall Development

The results of student scientific work are presentations at conferences of regional, national and international level, scientific publications, participation in competitions and Olympiads.

Institutions under TSU

To develop the creative and athletic potential of students, active citizenship in the Medical Institute, the following associations were created: Institute of mercy-resource center for the development and support of voluntary blood donation among the youth of Tambov region, Regional branch of the all-Russian public movement in the field of health in the Tambov region " medical Volunteers» - dynamic volunteer movement, which provides: sanitary-educational work, medical care and sports activities, help Junior and middle staff in the hospital, education programs for volunteers; "Iron doctor" - promoting the development of sport and physical culture among students, promotion of healthy lifestyles; creativamente "recovery discs" - organization of multi-thematic celebrations; photographic "Lens" - the story of the events of the Institute through pictures and videomaterialy.

Feasts and Festivals

Students of the Medical Institute realize all their creative potential every year by participating in the University and city festivals "Student spring", organizing the work of health Schools " Youth-for! Healthy life style

Events and Conferences

  • 25 Dec 2019 on the basis of Accreditation-the simulation center of TSU named after G. R. Derzhavin, with the financial support of the Department of education and science of Tambov region (grant in the form of subsidies from the budget of the Tambov region on the organization and holding of scientific events), hosted the Regional scientific-practical conference "Simulation technology in medical education: new horizons and achievements". The event is organized by the medical Institute of TSU named after G. R. Derzhavin.
  • The conference program included an exhibition "Modern simulation equipment in continuing medical education" and a plenary session.
  • • As part of the exhibition, held at the Accreditation and simulation center of TSU named after G. R. Derzhavin, the medical community of Tambov was shown new simulation equipment-manikens, simulators, robots of high class realism. Among the new simulators presented are a training simulation workplace of a dentist; a dental model of the head with the lower and upper jaw; an overhead dummy ECG in 12 leads; a simulator for periocardiocentesis; a standard virtual simulator for practical skills in surgery, etc. The Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation allocated more than 22 million rubles for the purchase of this equipment.
  • The debate on the introduction of simulation technologies in medical education and ways to improve simulation training medical students and educational institutions SPO, and medical personnel involved scientists, experts in the field of simulation education of the cities of Moscow, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Penza, representatives of administration of the Tambov region, representatives of medical institutions of Tambov, teachers, residents and students of the Medical Institute of TSU named after G. R. Derzhavin. In total, more than 80 people took part in the conference.