Why study MBBS in Irkutsk medical university from Russia?

Irkutsk medical university was established in 1909 in Russia and is located in the city of Irkutsk. the region is also named as the region of Irkutsk and the university was founded at those times the country was named as USSR.

The medical universities in Russia are non-profit public, higher education institutions. Irkutsk state medical university is considered as one of the top universities of Russia with approximately enrolled 5000 students.

MCI list of Universities

The said university is officially recognized by different worldwide organizations like WHO (world health organization), WDOMS (world directory of medical schools).

The students studying in this university are from various countries like India, Srilanka. Kazakhstan, UAE, Armenia, Belorussia and many other countries, also from Europe and other continents.

A plus point for Indian students who want to study abroad to become a doctor, is that Irkutsk state medical university is also recognized by Medical council of India.

Usmle from India

After the MBBS course is completed by the students from Irkutsk medical university of Russia the degree awarded is of MD physician. The university being in the list of WHO and WDOMS, the students have an opportunity to give the test for various other countries like USMLE for USA, PLAB for UK, MCCQE for CANADA, AMC for Australia.

After passing the test of a specific country, the students are allowed to do the practice in the respective country. Career opportunity in Russia and many other countries like Belorussia and neighborhood countries of Russia, the student after completing is allowed to practice without any qualifying test.

If a student want to stay in Russia and continue the career ahead, there is no need for any extra qualifying test as compared to India. In India there is a test to be given, held by MCI named as FMGE and now named as NEXT to be organized by NTA in India.


MBBS Students Studying Abroad

The Indian students are given a special attention by the teachers of ISMU and other staff of the university. The Irkutsk university cares a lot about all other foreign students as well because the teachers and other members of the university team understand that the foreign students are far away from their home, so might have to face different unusual for them situations.

The students are supported so that they get easily adapt to the local weather, the study pattern, the language and much more to be comfortable in the city of Irkutsk and over all in Russia.

Hostel fee in Russia

The hostel buildings which are located also near the Irkutsk state medical university, are equipped with the necessary facilities so that students live comfortably.

The students also are using the sports facilities to be fit and healthy and take part in different cultural programs which are organized by the university members or by other associations in the city as well in the country.


Fees for mbbs abroad

The fees of this ISMU university of Russia is not high and the hostel amount to be paid yearly, is also low.
Over all if to compare with other universities of Russia the amount of fees paid, by the student and the quality of life, also the education which the student receive in Irkutsk state medical university is fantastic.

Russia travel guide

Russia is the biggest country in the world, area of 17125191 Square Kilometers with approximate population of 146 Million people and more than 150 nationalities.
The capital of Russia is Moscow, Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities of the world also located in Russia.

Irkutsk City Travel.

Irkutsk region is located in Russia with the population of 2.5 million people and area of 774846 square Kilometers. The Irkutsk region is almost 1/4 of the territory of India.

One of the biggest River Angara and the biggest fresh lake in the world, Baikal is located in this region. The city of Irkutsk is just 70km distance from Baikal Lake. This lake is 1637 meters deep and 25 million years old.

Irkutsk city was founded in 1661 and now has a population of 613000 with all major transport systems including an International Airport. There are 5 huge theatres, 22 museums, lots of restaurants, churches, Buddhist temples and many other places which makes the city rich historically and famous.

Irkutsk is One of the Most Ecologically Clean Cities in Russia.