MBBS from abroad

MBBS from abroad

More than 10, 000 medical aspirants choose to study in more than 12 different nations across the world. There are a number of top MCI approved colleges in the world that offer medical courses at a very low budget with the excellent education standards. The budget remains between 9 to 60 Lakhs depending on the medical colleges that is chosen by the students.

MCI has been reforming the process by which students can get admissions in any college be it in India or abroad. Owing to this, there has been changes in the process as well as the eligibility criteria since 2016 and till now. In 2016, Government medical colleges’ seats were allocated to the students based on their performances in the entrance exam NEET. On the other hand, in order to get admission in the private medical colleges, students had to clear a separate entrance exam along with that, which was conducted by the colleges or for a group of colleges together, the score for NEET entrance exam were also considered.

Nonetheless, there were few more changes introduced by the year 2017. Now, pertaining to the changes, there was only one exam, which was NEET that decided about the admissions in any of the medical colleges, be it private or government medical colleges.

All these changes were established to put an end to the ill-practices prevalent in the industry to provide admissions. And then, more and more students gained the awareness about the option to study MBBS abroad.

  • In a nutshell, it can be said, that those who aspire to become doctors, have three clear options to choose from: Government medical colleges in India, Private medical colleges in India, and then Medical colleges in abroad. Medical colleges in abroad do not give admissions based on any donations.

Aspirants generally aim to get admissions in the top Government Medical Colleges in India, nonetheless owing to the limited number of seats available and the tough competition out there, it becomes a tough nut to crack. Then the students even try for Private Medical Colleges, but there the fee is very high making the whole course expensive for most of the students. And then comes the option to choose to study MBBS abroad. The fees in colleges abroad is within budget, the education is at with international standards, and one need not wait for any other medical entrance exam.

Once the aspirants make the decision to study MBBS in abroad, it is important that they visit some credible sources to fetch all the necessary information. Every information regarding the fee, stay, college faculty etc. is very important for the students. Also, many students find the process confusing initially, hence having the right guidance as well as the best information is important. You can choose your colleges with the help of the information we have gathered for you.

Along with this, it is advised to stay away from the agents who promise you something that looks to go to be true. Always make sure that you trust a credible source or platform for your information, as it is not only about your money, it is also about your career and future as well.

The fees along with the expenses mentioned below need to be looked upon by you, when you wish to take admission in MBBS colleges abroad:

  • First of all, make sure you have all the details regarding the tuition fee of the college.
  • Hostel accommodation and related information should be collected beforehand
  • Have complete information of the food and the living cost that you might have to incur throughout the course.
  • Apart from these, there are many miscellaneous costs, which also need to be counted, and taken into consideration.

Based on all these factors you can choose a medical college in any of the countries abroad, and it is advisable to choose the colleges that are ranked top and are approved by MCI. Some of the countries that are most favorable for Indian students to study MBBS abroad are Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia,
Georgia, Armenia, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, as well as Ukraine.

All you need to know about the duration of MBBS:

  1. The aspirants can study for 5 years in any colleges across the world, and then in order to complete their internship, they can come back to India.
  2. There is another option, which makes the overall course duration to be of 6 years, as it includes the course along with the compulsory internship abroad.

The students, who go for the first option, do not have to pay the fees for the last year i.e. the sixth year. With this, they end up saving the expenditure incurred during that one year which approximately adds up to 5-6 Lakhs. However, this amount can vary from college to college and country to country. When you choose this option, there are certainly some other steps, that need to be considered:

  1. When you wish to do your internship in India, post MBBS in abroad, it is mandatory to clear the MCI screening test or the FMGE Examination.
  2. While pursuing the internship in India, it should be completed for the duration of one year.
  3. Finally, comes the process of registration, which takes places under the guidelines of MCI.

Apart from this, close to 3/ 4th of the total students doing their MBBS from abroad, do their internship from the same college.

On completion of the MCI screening test along with the registration with MCI, one can appear for the entrance exams for MS or MD in India also called as AIPGMEE.

Pros of choosing to study MBBS in abroad:

Low Cost yet high quality education for the MBBS course from abroad offers you several other benefits and some of them are:

  • Study in the colleges or universities, which are approved by MCI and WHO.
  • The colleges offer low fees or subsidized fees and are recognized by local regulatory bodies of the respective countries along with MCI.
  • No additional medical entrance exam is conducted by the universities.
  • No donation is involved in the admission process and direct admissions are offered to the students generally on the first come first serve basis.
  • Some of the universities across the globe even offer scholarships to the students.
  • Equal expenses of living expenditure as compared to what you have to pay in India.
  • Low cost fees, makes it even worthwhile as the quality of education is the best.
  • You get to explore some beautiful locations across the globe while focusing on your career.

Those who complete their MBBS from Europe can even opt to complete their post graduation from the same country in aboard.

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