Omsk State Medical University
Omsk State Medical University

Omsk State Medical University

About About Omsk State Medical University

Omsk, one of the largest and popular cities in Russia, hosts the prominent MBBS educational institute, Omsk State Medical University(OSMU). The institute was founded in 1920 as the Siberian Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Zoology with 186 students, and has known to become a renowned school of medicine in the area. It was renamed as Omsk State Medical University in 1925. OSMU has acquired a significant position among the top 100 universities of Russia and is awarded with GOST R ISO 9001-2008, which is a symbol of success that guarantees the quality of education provided by the university. OSMU is the largest medical university and one among the oldest in Siberian region and Russia. The university has shown remarkable growth and expansion overtime with inclusion of more faculties. In 1994, OSMU attained the status of State Medical Academy, and in 2015, it was given the status of University.

Omsk State Medical University- Key Attractions

  • OSMU has more than 40,000 passed-out graduates and trained specialists working in all regions of the country. Each year, more than 8500 doctors graduate from the institute.
  • There are five faculties at the university which are medicine, paediatrics, stomatology, pharmaceutics, and preventive medicine. Medicine is the first faculty that was established in 1920, followed by paediatrics, preventive, oral medicine which is stomatology, and lastly pharmaceutics in 2002.
  • There are 67 departments at the university with staff members comprising of 122 doctors and professors, and 343 PhD holders. There are more than 180 staff members at the university who are awarded by the Russian Federation and the government of Omsk region.
  • OSMU has 45.4% of the students who are employer-sponsored.
  • OSMU has successfully established a harmonious relationship with other medical schools in Western Europe, Asian countries, Unites States and other more.
  • OSMU has well-equipped gyms, sports facilities and centre for recreation activities that are available to all students. These facilities promote the importance of physical training and activities that ensure the wellbeing of students.
  • OSMU campus includes pre-university training and career centre, laboratory diagnostics, clinic, academic affairs department, centre for international affairs and information technology and others. There are 6 buildings including dormitories for the students.
  • The university has a well-established infrastructure with the use of latest and updated information technology. The students are offered with 350 computer terminals and internet access at all times.
  • OSMU has one of the largest libraries that has above 600,000 books on different subject areas. The library has an electronic reading hall as well where the students can access online learning materials and resources.
  • OSMU has a student scientific society that includes more than 800 members. The society is accountable for providing physical training.
  • Regular training seminars are organized by the university of different areas focusing on interpersonal skills, communication skills, reproductive health of the students.

A symbol of discipline, integrity, and standardizededucation

Collaboration: OSMU has emphasized on collaborating with international entities including countries such as China, US, UK, and Japan so as to promote international cooperation in training, research, and medical activities. The university signed new contracts in public health, academic, and cultural domains with the other universities in Russia in 2015.

Scientific activity: The students and specialists are trained with utmost priority by the university staff, where much emphasis is laid on the research work. Entities such as the academic council, student scientific bureau, and doctoral thesis boards participate in promoting scientific research work. Some of the domains that are well researched upon are reproductive health, medical issues of Narcology, clinical studies on surgeries, hygiene, oral health, mental and terminal stress well-being, and drug assistance.

Student life: The students are given several opportunities to explore and show their talents in acting, dancing, sports, and other activities. Open public competitions are held pertaining healthy lifestyle so as to generate higher awareness among the public. Apart from providing all the essential facilities, the scholars are given the chance to carry out their individual work and research investigations. They are further offered with several possibilities to grow in their specialized field with maximum exposure to clinical practice.

Why Omsk State Medical University?

  • Direct admission
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Quality education
  • Immense employment opportunities
  • Higher exposure
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