Pskov State University
Pskov State University

Pskov State University

About Pskov State University

Pskov State University, founded in 1932, has gained admiration as a facility that provides education infused with innovation and creativity. The university is well-known for its engaging teaching methods and approach towards pedagogy. It is situated in the beautiful city of Pskov, Russia. Pskov State University has different courses and educational programs in various areas of study at bachelors, masters, and PhD levels. It is one of the classical universities recognized for its determination at contributing to the scientific community with maximized research investigation and innovation.

Not only does the university encourages students and teachers to think out of the box, but also extends its services to non-academic facilities and tutorials. Due to its valuable input into the transformation of medical education or MBBS, Pskov State University is approved by MCI, WHO, and UNESCO. The university further implements the concept of “college-university” where the students are oriented towards higher education in various fields received from the universities.

University Highlights

Vast infrastructure: There are 22 academic buildings in the premises of Pskov State University that includes teaching of different educational courses and programs. The campus includes 12 dormitories, a rehabilitation centre, 6 assembly halls, a hospital, and sports facilities including 8 gyms. There are 65 departments distributed over 16 faculties of the university. The university campus is anticipated to extend where a new campus will be inaugurated in the near future.

Cultural and scientific learning environment: Pskov State University has initiated a total of 179 academic courses that train the scholars in specialized fields. Intercultural Communication is given high importance along with the development of interpersonal and social skills. The university includes:

  • 41 courses at bachelor’s level
  • 9 courses at master’s level
  • 23 courses at post-graduate level
  • 3 specialties in upper education
  • 19 courses focused on vocational training

Exhaustive library: Pskov State University is proud for its academic achievements that are only possible with the hard efforts of both teachers and students. The university’s part is to provide all the relevant resources that directs the talent. Considering this, the campus includes a library that has 7 reading halls and 2 electronic rooms. The library is exhaustive and includes all the relevant published materials equating to more than 1 million books and journals.

Exceptional teaching staff: 70% of the educational workforce at Pskov State University have D. Sc and equivalent degrees in their respective specializations. The teachers are encouraged to not limit themselves with traditional teaching styles, and work towards collaborating old methods with non-conventional methods that use multimedia approaches. The staff supports students when participating in regional and national competitions and conferences. The total number of staff amounts to more than 1500.

High research work: Pskov State University is a scientific centre that boosts research work by equipping all the 4 laboratories with latest technologies and instruments. Apart from training scholars in their particular courses and motivating them towards unique research work, the university also provides training for future enrolees and student employment.

Admission of foreign students: There are more than 1300 students from international borders that are currently studying at Pskov State University. Students from around 41 countries apply to this university. With 10,000 total students enrolled each year, the university signifies an emblem of social and cultural collaboration by increasing domestic and international students’ mobility. To further the intention of cultural exposure, there are 66 agreements made with foreign universities from different countries.

Why Pskov State University?

Pskov State University is a prestigious institute that has maximized its professional and scientific potential through consistent training and teaching efforts. The university has shown remarkable adherence to new trends and updates made in the knowledge bracket in MBBS domain. This assists in making relevant changes to the education structure that can avoid the challenges being encountered in the current higher education stream. The university is regarded as a star in the educational system and has a branch known as Lifelong Learning Institute which is focused on vocational training of the students. It is actively integrating into the international education space and leaving a mark among foreign universities as a keen member of scientific research community. It has successfully implemented approximately 30 international projects.

Few more attractions:

  1. High-quality and comfortable accommodations
  2. 20 sports facilities or clubs
  3. Reasonably priced courses
  4. Medical and rehabilitation centre
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