Rostov State Medical University
Rostov State Medical University

Rostov State Medical University

About Rostov State Medical University

Rostov State Medical University (RostSMU) emerged as a medical institution in 1930, where it was originally known as the Division of Medicine at the Russian Warsaw University and was relocated to Rostov on Don in 1915. The first class comprised of 295 students who passed as doctor graduates. RostSMU is one of the oldest MBS universities in Southern Russia and is regarded as the largest training and research centre in the area. In 1980, the university was granted an award of the Order of Friendship as it represents an institute with diversification where students from different cultural backgrounds and countries aspire to become advanced specialists.

RostSMU conducts education for graduate and post-graduate studies, along with internship and additional professional education. Since 1930, the university has remarkably transformed into a modern educational system where all the clinics, departments and laboratories are supplied with modern medical equipment and educational technology for training the scholars.

University Highlights

  • RostSMU is responsible for training and also re-training more than 7000 students each year. About 650 students furthermore participate in the internship programs organized by the university.
  • There are 91 varied departments at the university along with a military centre. The centre was inaugurated in 2008 and is accountable for training students such that they can acquire officer positions in the Armed Forces of Russia. In this way, RostSMU fulfils its duties towards its nation and the society.
  • There are more than 800 employed education workers and staff members at the university. All the teachers are doctorates and well-reputed. They excel at their individual fields, and among them 52 professors are also members of other academies. Several professors are the Honorary Doctor of Russian Federation.
  • RostSMU hosts a students’ scientific society that assists students with the issues and problems they encounter, and also unites all students who seek research work, and participate in different courses at varied educational levels.
  • RostSMU is MCI recognized due to its quality education and facilities provided to the enrolled scholars. The staff makes constant efforts to improvise the teaching methods and adopt interactive pedagogy.
  • The university also collaborates and works with several other MBBS universities across international borders to increase the exchange rates of the foreign students. The university initiated the acceptance of foreign students from 133 countries in 1961. The doctor graduates are given great opportunities to work as interns at reputed hospitals and clinics in Europe due to the prestigious status obtained by RostSMU.
  • RostSMU also organizes pre-university training for the international students to equip them with preliminary training and making them aware of Russian culture. This minimizes the challenges or issues they may encounter as foreign students.

Research Work:

RostSMU hosts a central research laboratory that is accountable for supporting research work and studies in different areas such as biochemical, microbiological, molecular genetic etc. The university is also working towards developing another centre for research to cover up more subject areas. RostSMU has also gained 11 international grants in last 5 years.

The most prominent areas in which the research work is carried out are:

  • Medical and biology
  • Ecology and hygiene
  • Public health
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases for women
  • Surgical diseases

Clinical Training

RostSMU owns a clinic with 1000 beds so as to enable effective clinical training of the students. The university also collaborates with other public hospitals where the students can experience real-time environment and acquire practical skills.

27 departments of RostSMU are clinical based. All the academic buildings and clinics are supported with updated equipment and appliances. The university also includes a dental clinic and a diagnostic centre that offers clinical assistance to the young aspirants. Practical training of students in specialized fields is given paramount importance at this university.


  • General Medicine Faculty of RostSMU
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Medico-prophylactics
  • Faculty of International Students
  • Faculty of Postgraduate and Continuous Education
  • Faculty of Armed Force Medicine
  • Faculty of English Sector

Why Rostov State Medical University

The university has shown monumental growth over the years by expanding the infrastructure and including more departments that can cover the vast area of medical sciences. It has also inculcated the evening department for facilitating the education and advanced training of physicians.

Other attractions:

  • Cost-effective education
  • High diversification
  • Quality education and availability of all resources
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